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Please review the release information below. Each time you participate in a McCormick Consumer Testing project, you will be required to sign this form indicating your agreement to these terms.

I agree to participate in one or more consumer tests conducted by McCormick & Company, Incorporated ("McCormick"). I agree as follows:

  1. My participation in the test(s) is voluntary and is at my sole risk.
  2. I have been advised of the nature of the food and/or beverages (collectively, "Food") to be tested.
  3. I am aware that the products that will be tested (i) may not be commercially available, and (ii) may or may not contain one or more of the following ingredients: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, dairy (i.e. cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.), wheat, fish and/or shellfish, pork, natural and artificial flavors and colors, sugars, preservatives, and/or alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
  4. I have no Food allergies, intolerances or dietary restrictions pertaining to the products I am going to evaluate (including alcohol) and I am physically able to participate in such testing.
  5. I understand the Food products to be tested may be confidential. I agree not to discuss with anyone other than McCormick the Food products or testing without McCormick's consent.
  6. I understand and agree that McCormick shall be the sole owner of all right, title and interest in and to any developments, inventions, or discoveries arising out of the tests to be conducted hereunder, including, without limitation, any associated intellectual property rights ( Developments ), and I hereby assign, and agree to assign, to McCormick all right, title, and interest that I may have in the Developments.
  7. McCormick has my permission to use any photographs, video and/or audio it produces of me, alone or with others, during my participation in a focus group or other Food-related sensory test or evaluation process ("the Works"), to copyright the Works in its own name or otherwise, to use and publish the Works for any purpose whatsoever and in any media, now or in the future.
  8. McCormick has my permission to use my name and likeness in the Works as it so chooses, and I waive any rights or claims I may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in the Works.
  9. Any uses described in paragraphs 6, 7 and 8 above may be made without compensation to me.
  10. I release and discharge McCormick, and its directors and employees, from any claims, demands, damages, losses or expenses of any nature whatsoever arising in connection with (i) my participation in this test(s), and (ii) the use of the Works, including any and all claims for libel or invasion of privacy.
  11. There are no other agreements between McCormick and me regarding such consumer tests.
  12. I am of legal age and have the right to contract in my own name. I have read the above release and fully understand the contents. This release is binding upon me and my heirs and legal representatives.

Should McCormick & Company, Inc. determine that a participant's conduct is inappropriate or unacceptable, McCormick reserves the right to terminate their participation in the current and any future consumer testing program.

Privacy Statement ∼ The information you provide will be used for our consumer testing purposes only. It will not be sold or disclosed to any third party and will be divulged only to employees of McCormick [and if applicable, our agents or contractors] who have a need to know the information for consumer testing purposes only.